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Hi, I'm Itay

During the last 20 years, I worked both for a small startup company and one of the world largest company. I worked in different parts of the technology world – technical and customers support, software and business development, and sales and marketing. 

In the end, what I love most is writing code, and so this is what I do.

Workout Tools launches on Product Hunt

Today I’m launching WorkoutTools on Product Hunt.

I’ve been working on WorkoutTools for the last 3 months. Building on top of and ChatGPT, the tool helps people get the most out of their workout sessions. Taking into account their physical details, type of workout, available equipment, and much more, WorkoutTools suggest the best workout sessions to see immediate results.

What I'm working on

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Unity Assets

I've developed various Unity Assets to help my game development efforts. I tend to focus on infrastructure and business logic (rather than graphical or audio assets).

Mobile Games

Mobile Games

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to develop games. These are my pet projects in that field. I mostly do Android games, with a focus on casual or puzzle games.

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I'm working on various projects at different times - whether those are websites that I manager, open source projects that I contribute to, or products that I develop

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TheRandom.Tools launch

I’ve just launched my first microsite to the world: I’m still new to the micro-SaaS world, and still trying to figure out how to build things, and whether (and

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