RavenDb provides a push notifications mechanism, named Changes API, that allows you to receive messages from a server about events that occurred there. This mechanism makes is extremely simple to create a ChangeMonitor class that can be used with CacheItemPolicy, in order to expire cache items when something happens on the server (such as a document being updated, and index is modified, etc.)


Following my work creating OneDrive Rest API, DropboxRestAPI and WebDAVClient, I’ve decided to release my library for communicating with the Copy cloud storage service.

I’ve decided to start open-sourcing my Windows Phone apps. The first in line is Billionaires, which is now available in GitHub: https://github.com/saguiitay/Billionaires

Marc Gravell is a valued associate in StackOverflow, so I make sure to follow his blog - this guy knows what he’s doing (he’s the main contributor to Dapper.net, StackExchange.Redis and protobuf-net).